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Drawn at ACCA - new series in 2015

  • Workshop
  /  18 Feb, 13 May, 29 July, 23 Sept, 18 Nov

Draw under the influence of major international and Australian contemporary artists in this intimate drawing series. Coinciding with each of ACCA’s five innovative exhibition seasons for 2015, no two sessions will be alike.

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The Grand Tour: Cities Shaped by Art

  • Lecture series
  /  18 May, 15 June, 13 July, 17 Aug, 21 Sept, 19 Oct, 16 Nov

Got itchy feet? Hankering to visit the world? Then book your seat now! ACCA’s highly acclaimed lecture series will do some major globe trotting in 2015. Expect Venice without the menace, Paris with the sizzle and New York New York with a Martini thrown in.

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