Image: Peter Friedl (1998)
Power To the People installation view, 2011
Courtesy of the artist
Photograph: Andrew Curtis

Volunteers are a cherished and vital part of the ACCA team, and participate in a number of tasks.  They are the first point of contact for ACCA visitors and they also assist administrative staff, conduct mail-outs, research projects, and assist with exhibition openings, public forums and other events. Some volunteers work regular shifts, others are involved on a more casual basis.  

ACCA Volunteers have the opportunity to build contacts and networks in the visual arts industry and learn more about ACCA’s artistic programs.

To apply to become an ACCA volunteer, send your CV and a cover letter to info@accaonline.org.au. Your application will be sent to ACCA’s Visitor Services and Volunteer Program Manager. Applications will be held until a position becomes available.

All information is treated confidentially.  Become a Volunteer