“Melbourne’s much loved, often maligned, never forgotten sculpture, Vault, by Ron Robertson-Swann, was commissioned in 1980 to stand in Melbourne’s City Square. After a much publicised public outcry against this ‘Yellow Peril’ which had descended upon the greyness of Melbourne’s civic landscape, the sculpture was removed to Batman Park, where it languished for years. Vault came to the ACCA precinct in 2002, where, we hope it will remain in perpetuity for all Melburnians to love.”
- Juliana Engberg, former ACCA Artistic Director

Vault, the angular assemblage of yellow-painted steel panels by Sydney artist Ron Robertson-Swann, has become Melbourne’s best known piece of public art. More than 25 years later, despite the proliferation of street based art throughout metropolitan centres, the sculpture remains at the centre of debate about public art in Australia.

Further reading:  Peril in the Square, the Sculpture that Challenged a City, by Geoffrey J.Wallis.